Storbox 250:

The model Storbox 250 is part of the concept of awnings in a box, the technical solution of the awning is to protect the material and the mechanism by bad weather when the awning is closed. Even in it’s small size it keeps all the benefits.

The storbox 250 is because of the small dimensions (193X153) easy to instal on small spaces.

The Storbox 250 allows a installation frontal and roof with a inclination of 6 to 66 degrease front and 18 to 66 degrease for roof installation.

Maximun 2.50 mts. outgoing.

Storbox 300:

The storbox 300 offers a complete proteccion of the models with box. This awnings stays closed forming a compact structure. Installation on front and roof with an inclination of 6 to 90 degrease.

With the easines of the models, the make Storbox gives a different concept to elegance.

Maximun 3.00 mts. outgoing.


Is a box awning with the highest benefits. The modern design and tecnic allow the awning with big dimensions with only 2 arms.

Maximun 3.50 mts. outgoing.


Maximun 3.50 mts. outgoing arms.


Maximun 4.00 mts. outgoing.
Telescope arms.


Maximun 4.00 mts. outgoing.
Articulated arms.